PF Withdrawal Form – Download Form 19, 10C, 31, 15H, 16 & Others

pf withdrawal formWondering what are the types of PF withdrawal forms and which one should you choose to claim your EPF balance amount? In this insightful post, we’ll bring you all the details, form types and other details required for withdrawal of your PF account money.

There are different kinds of forms made available by EPFO that can be used to claims benefits provided by the organization. Each form has its own distinctive purpose. In the section below you can see the forms and also learn about how each one of them should be used. There are also detailed instructions provided on how to download pf withdrawal forms to be able to withdraw pf account money both online and offline.


In the section below you can find direct download links of all the PF forms that are provided at the official website employee’s provident fund organization. Whether you need form 19, form 10c, form 15H, 16 or other forms, you can easily access, download and print them.

For every employee who leaves a job at a company, searching for PF withdrawal forms is the first thing to do. Millions of EPFO members look for these forms so that they can avail different services provided for them, however majority of them are in need of PF forms that can use to withdraw their account balance. Those who have already withdrawn EPF balance, then can head over to EPFO claim status page of our website to learn how to check the current status of their claim.


We have also provided in-depth and insightful information on each form such as what is the purpose of the particular form, when and for which claim it should be used by member. Each form also has a direct link to download it. This is beneficial for every member because you can directly visit the form link page of EPFO website to instantly download, print and use them. Generally majority of EPFO members require Form 10C and Form 19 to claim their provident fund balance. These forms are either used by members who have left their current job or perhaps changing it for other job.


According to EPFO rules, a member can either withdraw or transfer the current balance in PF account. On the hand if you would like to use your funds in LIC policy, there is a form for this available as well. Once you go through each of these forms, it will be easier for you to understand the purpose of each form.

Image provided below is a PF withdrawal form, but because it is .jpg file format it would be difficult to print, therefore don’t download it. Instead, you can download the form in .pdf file format that would be faster to print and proper way as well.

Download EPF Withdrawal Forms

Below are all the important forms provided by the EPFO that are required for various purposes. You can read more details about each of them in their respect paragraphs below.


Form 19 – This is the most commonly used by majority of EPFO members. It is recommended to withdraw all your PF account balance amount. Soon after you have left the job, or after retirement or termination, you can download this form, fill it and submit to get all the remaining PF balance in your bank account. Make sure you are aware of EPFO rule that in no case or circumstances your PF balanced can be stopped from withdrawal. You can download the PF Form 19 here if the official page is not loading properly.

Download PF Form 19

Form 10C – This form is used in combination with form 19 and 20. The purpose of this PF form is to allow a member to claim settlement of provident fund under old family pension fund. The other way to use form 10c is to submit it to withdraw PF amount under the scheme of New Employees’ Pension EPS 95. Same form can also be used for having a certificate issued by EPFO for retaining membership. This is meant for those who are under 58 years age mark. Download the PF Form 10c here.

Download PF Form 10C


Form 13 – EPF form 13 is the revised form issued by the organization recently. It is a completely new form that can be used for transfer of PF account. It is basically created to help members transferring their PF account from previous employer to current employer. Therefore, if you are changing your job and want to carry forward your previous account to new employer, then you have to submit form 13.

Download PF Form 13

Form 14 – This form is for those who wants to use the available PF account balance to fund an LIC policy. It can be download from EPFO website or you can access it here as well.

Download PF Form 14

Form 10D – This form is for senior citizens who have applied for PF pension. They can fill and submit form 10D to get pension. This form can be submitted by the per himself/herself or else the nominee can submit it as well. In that case nomination form 2 has to be submitted as well because the nominee would be claiming the pension amount.

Download PF Form 10D

Form 20 – This form is used by family member of the EPFO member in case of his/her demise. It can be filled and submitted by any family member to claim the member’s PF account balance amount. With the form documents such as Death Certificate of the member, Form 2 and birth certificates of his/her children has to be submitted.


Download PF Form 20

Form 31 – This particular form is meant for those who are applying for loan on PF account or opting for advance PF withdrawal. A member is allowed to avail loans on for different reasons. For instance it can be withdrawn in advanced for medical treatments, marriage or home loan. This form is also known as EPF Advance Form.

Download PF Form 31

So, this is the list of all imperative PF Withdrawal Forms that are used by majority of members to avail different services offered by EPFO.


  1. I want to claim my pf. I checked online but my company has not provided my details to pf portal. Which form can I send to employers to settle my claim amount?

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