PF Balance – How To Check Provident Fund Balance Status & Claims

pf balanceChecking PF (provident fund) balance has become a lot easier compared to what it was few years ago. In just few minutes you will be able to check how much balance you have in the PF account by activating and registering your account at EPFO members’ portal. In recent few years there has been several innovative steps taken by the EPFO in order to provide better and convenient services to its members. Result of these endeavor are clearly shown as it benefits both employees and employers as well.


EPFO has launched its official members portal where anyone can check their PF balance, claim status and other details. It also provides smart and intuitive facilities such as mobile application that can be used to access every bit of details in a PF account of a member. Whether it is checking transaction details of provident fund or checking monthly balance amount, it can all be done online these days. Best thing is that you can get frequent updates on money transfer, settlements and other details right on your mobile phone or computer. This completely eliminates the hassles and difficulties of visiting local EPFO office, stand in queues and fill up those complicated forms.


In this post we will check how to easily check PF account balance and status with both online and offline methods. If you prefer using online options to do PF balance inquiry, you have members portal, mobile app, missed call service and SMS service to get all the account related details in few seconds. However, in order to use these services, a member should have EPFO account number because that allows you to get access to the account by logging in. Having said that, in some cases members have to provide the member ID as well.


You need to have basic details ready with if you want to use EPFO services. For instance an individual must have Member ID, extension code number and establishment code. These 3 details imperative and you should have them ready. The establishment and extension code is present in annual slip, so from there you can get it.

Once you have aforementioned details ready, it is very easy and convenient to check PF status using different ways available for all members. Also, if your employer have provided the UAN (universal account number), then it will be a lot faster process to check account balance details and complete status. UAN number is handy because with you can activate the UAN registration at official website of EPFO which is known as ‘member portal’. Opting for this option is considered the best because with UAN Activation on members portal you will be able to avail other services such as downloading epf passbook, checking claim status, download UAN card, check monthly balance, etc.

Most Convenient Ways To Check PF Status Online/ Offline

Below are several ways that can be used to check the status of PF account, balance and do inquiry about account related information. There both offline and online options available, you can use whichever suits the best.


Checking PF Balance Status Using SMS Function

To check the current total balance amount in your PF account using the SMS facility, please type this SMS:


Now you can send using your UAN registered mobile number to 7738299899. Please note that the mobile number from which you will be sending the SMS to EPFO SMS service number should be the one that you have used for UAN registration, otherwise it will not work.

When you send the aforementioned SMS on provided number, it will send an SMS on your mobile number with EPF balance details in english language. However, if you don’t speak english and need it delivered in other regional languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali or Punjabi, then you can opt for that option as well.


Enquiring PF Balance Status Online Without UAN Number

Wondering if it is possible to check PF status and balance details online without UAN number? It is certainly possible. For this open your web browser and visit this like which is the official website of EPFO.

On this page you have to select the state where you live or work currently and then select the EPFO office in that state. After doing that, you can enter the EPFO account number along with your registered mobile number. Once these details are submitted your total PF balance amount will be delivered on your mobile number. In case you don’t know or have the middle 3 digit of your EPF account number, you have the choice to leave it blank. Don’t worry about this part and enter other digits and proceed to enter the submit button.

How To Check PF Balance Using The UAN Number?

Did you know that checking the PF account balance online with UAN number is a lot faster and convenient? Well, it surely is and you are suggested to get your UAN number activation and registration done. For this facility to work, you must have the UAN registration activated at the website of EPFO.


Please visit this link to proceed with procedure of activating the registration of UAN number. You can get this number from your employer’s HR department if you are not aware of it. Once you have activated the number and completed the registration, you will be asked to create login ID at their website to login and check PF balance.

EPFO Toll Free Number To Check PF Balance

If you want to save time and want the fastest way to check the PF Balance, then use the missed call service. For this, simply give a missed call to this number — 011-22901406. In return it will send an SMS on your mobile with EPFO account balance amount. It’s a toll free number operational by EPFO management thus it will not deduct any call charges.

It is important to note that EPFO missed call service is only for those members who have activated the UAN number with their mobile number. SO make sure you use the right mobile number to give the missed call.

Obtaining PF Balance Using Mobile App

If you have a smartphone running Android OS, you can visit the Google Play Store to download the EPFO mobile application. Name of these apps are:

  • EPFO Mobile App
  • M-EPF Mobile App
  • PF Status Mobile App

Using these apps is very easy and it makes it convenient and fast process to check PF Status, Balance Amount, EPFO claim status and other information. The app is complete free to download and use. It is a great initiative by the organization specially for EPF pensioners because it allows them to check their pension disbursement periodically.


  1. I’m Mahendra Bhati and my UAN No is 100213768203. MY PF account number is 8281/2869. I would like to know my balance amount.

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