How To Link EPF Account To UAN

Many EPF members gets confused when it comes to linking their PF account to UAN. It is actually very simple process and can be done online at the official UAN Member’s portal website. In this post we’ll discuss how an EPFO member can link his/her PF account to universal account number ID.


The reason why EPFo recommends linking all the PF numbers or member Identification Numbers to a single UAN is because the system is built to simplify the process so that there is no confusion about multiple PF numbers. With this everything is linked under one Universal Account Number. Reason why this approach is considered beneficial is because a member can now explore all the details of all member identification numbers or PF numbers. It also allows members to see if they are eligible to claim and transfer their PF amount online.


EPFO is also working currently on a new feature that will eliminate the need of listing member ids in UAN because all the ids will be automatically fetched and linked based on information data provided in Form-11. However, for this a member will have to provide his/her UAN and Previous Member ID to the new company.

In order to link new PF number or member id, the name used in both previous and new members id should match. If the name won’t match, then the UAN system will reject the request to link the previous member id to UAN.


At the time of linking previous member id with UAN, make sure you select the check box that says ‘information provided is correct and member account belongs to the person’ and submit.

Once you click the submit button, you will be promoted to double check and ensure the information is correct or not. If you are sure about, you can press ‘OK’, or if not, then press cancel to rectify the provided information and proceed again.