EPF Transfer Online: Procedure For Claim & Status Check

epf transfer onlineIn recent years EPFO has worked in direction to make things a lot easier and convenient for EPF members. In this endeavor the organization now has introduced a new system that allows employees to file online EPF claims and transfer. The aim is to make EPFO transfer online so that the procedure is efficient, convenient and transparent for members.


All EPFO member employees are entitled to process their claim through their previous or present employer, which makes it more convenient. Members can fill and submit claims online without having to visit the regional field EPF office in the city. In this process your employer can verify, submit and approve epf claim requests on official EPFO portal. However, please know that for online claim filling and submission process, digital signature of the authorized person is needed, otherwise it cannot be filled.


How To Do EPF Transfer Online

With EPFo portal, transferring your claim has become a lot easier these days. Transferring your Employees’ Provident Funds online from one account to another is recommended because it saves time that you will spend when you do it offline at regional field EPF office.

epf claim transfer

Given how difficult it was earlier to transfer EPF money from old account to new account when changing a job, things couldn’t have gone better for employees with the new online transfer facility. It has undoubtedly made the process straightforward and very easy to do. All you need is UAN account registered and activated at the UAN portal, and within minutes you can transfer Employee Provident Fund money from one PF account to another.


Regular Offline EPF Office Transfer Procedure:

  • Make an application of PF account transfer along with proper form required for it.
  • Manually fill all the forms and application.
  • After application is submitted the employer will send application to regional field EPF office in the city for processing.
  • After verification is successfully completed, the application for PF transfer is now forwarded to previous employer.
  • After the verification is done by the previous employer, the official will do the attestation of the application.
  • When you’ll check status of PF claim it will show is ‘under process’ or ‘your request is in transit between epfo out and in office’.
  • Once the aforementioned procedure is completed, PF Balance will be transferred from previous account to new account when it will be opened.

As you can see the manually local office procedure is time consuming and waste so much of time on unnecessary steps, this is why we recommend online transfer for EPF claim. In the steps below we have explained how to do PF claim online transfer from one company to another when changing jobs.

If you have not done online PF transfer before, you might be thinking who all can do it? Well, even though the online procedure has made life easier for all the employees, but EPFO has not made online transfer facility available for all the members. To complete the procedure, an individual member has to do these requirements first:

  • The establishment or employer must have digital signature of the employee who wants to transfer PF claim online.
  • Employee’s member ID or PF account number must already be added in EPFo database.
  • To obtain all these information, employee is not required to visit the employer, because the information can be obtained from EPFO portal website.


EPFO Online Transfer Process

We recommend checking if you are allowed to apply for online transfer of PF claim before you login to UAN website. If you are not able to apply, then in that case you need to submit physical copy form-13 that you can take from your previous or current employer. So, let’s do this:

Visit the EPFO website here http://memberclaims.epfoservices.in/ and login with your login credentials. In case you have not registered member id, please go to this page http://memberclaims.epfoservices.in/employee_portal/employee_reg_form.php and complete the registration process.

transfer EPF claim online

On the home page please look for “Online transfer claim portal” and click on it to proceed with login. If you have met the eligibility criteria you can go ahead and login to member portal.

Now move ahead with claim process by clicking on next option that says ‘Request for Transfer of Funds’.

When you click on it, form-13 will be appeared on the page. In that you need to provide PF number of previous and current employer.

Now click on ‘Click here to get details’ and proceed to next step. It will now show you credentials of the employee such as father’s name, spouse name, date of job joining and date of job exit, etc.


All these personal details are shown in the process to double check that the PF amount is transferring to the right account. For make sure the account details matches with your details.

In the net option, a pop-up window is displayed in which it asks you whether you would like to claim attested by previous or current employer.

You have to enter the captcha characters in the field and then click on ‘Get Pin’ option and also check the ‘I Agree’ option.

The PIN number will be sent to registered mobile number of the members ID. After that application submission process is completed and an ID for acknowledgement and tracking is generated that you can use to track claim status.

This form is then saved in your profile at the member’s portal. You have to take its print and then submit it to your employer within 15 days.

Authorized member’s name and other details are displayed who have to sign the form after the submission.

These submitted details are verified by the officials of current and previous employers.

As soon as approval is given by both previous and current employers, EPF funds will be transferred to new PF account of the member through regional EPFO branch Office.


The role of the employer in the procedure is highly imperative because the employer has to verify the signature and other details of the employee.

After submission process is completed, an SMS is delivered to employee’s mobile number for updates.

That’s it, your PF funds are not successfully transferred to your account and you have saved lot of time and efforts as well that you otherwise had to spend by visiting the regional EPF office in your city.

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