Employers’ Rights Under EPF ACT

EPF Employers RightsEmployers that come under the coverage of EPFO have certain rights. They can use these rights in various circumstances. We have explained these employers’ right below:

An Employer or Establishment have the right to ask for or demand an ID Card from the visiting enforcement officer. This is to avoid fraudsters or fake officers.


Employers are entitled to get EPF numbers that are allotted for employees for getting cover under EPF Act.

Employers and Establishments are given rights to approach the EPFO officials and get clarification regarding various EPF related issues or matters.


Employers are also provided all EPFO forms free of cost.

These are basic rights that all employers or establishments are provided by the EPFO to make it a transparent and balanced eco system for the employers and the organization. There could be more specially rights or privileges that are not mentioned here. If you know some of them, please feel free to comment below and we’ll add them here.