Download UAN Passbook

UAN is an abbreviation used by the EPFO for Universal Account Number. The organization has recently made it compulsory for all the employees in various companies and organizations that comes under EPF (Employee Provident Funds). The aim is to provide various facilities and services to EPF members at UAN website under single window which makes it easier, simpler and less confusing as well. If you are new to this portal and wondering how to download UAN Passbook, in this post you’ll learn how to do that step by step.


How To Download UAN Passbook

In order to download the UAN passbook of your EPF account, you have to visit the UAN member’s portal website here:

The website is a bit slow to load, so be patient and allow it to load in your browser. Once it is opened, login with your UAN number and password. After successfully getting logged in you can see a section for ‘View Passbook’. Click on it to open and there you will have the option to download your UAN Passbook.


In India every employee that is covered under the Employee Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 is provided a unique PF Account Number that is used to credit and debit the PF amounts. The PF number allotted to an employee is unique concerning particular organization or company in which he/she is currently working. However, when an employee leaved the current company’s job for some reason and joins a new company, the PF number also changes. Therefore, a completely unique new number will be provided the employee.

Changing of PF numbers when leaving the previous company and joining new company creates lot of confusion for the employee. This is why UAN system was introduced by the EPFO. So, the new UAN number works like a core umbrella Identification of an employee under which multiple ids are allotted to the individual. The aim is to create single window UAN system in which multiple Member Identification Numbers can be linked together.


UAN Member’s Portal Key Features:

  • Easily print, save and download EPF Passbook
  • Download and print UAN Card
  • Update KYC Information Online
  • List of all member IDs linked to UAN
  • PF Money Claim Viewing, Filing and Transferring