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Explore insightful information about employee provident fund balance, making enquiry to check balance and find current status of EPF and other relevant information you’re looking for.

check epf balanceEvery employee working for a company in India would like to know different ways to check EPF balance online because it is easier and convenient. In an employee’s life the importance of employee provident fund is absolutely immense, but in India checking the balance of EPF account has always been difficult because there was no online enquiry facility provided by the government. However, things have improved in recent past, as these days you can easily check EPF balance online and enquire about its status and claim process as well.


For those who do not understand what EPF stands for? It’s an abbreviation for employee provident fund. Most companies in India deduct particular sum of money as provident fund from each of their employee’s monthly salary. Total amount of money deducted and current balance in EPF account can be easily checked both offline and online. Some people get confused about EPFO balance, which is nothing but the total amount currently accumulated in the EPF account of an individual.

An individual’s provident fund balance is an indicator how much savings he/she has at the time of retirement and that depends on how much the company used to deduct during working years of the employee. So it is basically a sum of money that gets deducted every month from your salary and when you leave the job or get retired, the company entitles you to withdraw the total accumulated PF balance amount.


In the year 2011 government of India launched the online portal where EPF balance in an account can be checked online. At the beginning the platform had some issues with frequent slow downs and downtimes, but nowadays it performs better. The online balance enquiry platform has gone through lot of improvement and security of system and accounts has improved as well. In all companies’ human resource department, EPF is one of the important part of salary structure of an employee.

For every employee getting to know his/her current provident fund balance is always handy in many ways. The biggest benefit of knowing it is the fact that you have updated record of the amount of savings you have and based on that data you can plan your future. The other benefit is yet ability to partially withdraw your PF money to use for cash crunch situations. Online balance checking fiscally is also beneficial for those who want to apply for a loan against PF balance.


In the section below we’ll learn how to check your EPG balance online and offline with different ways provided in the system. The procedure is very simple and it enables anyone having EPF account to check the balance amount anytime he/she wants. We have provided insightful and comprehensive information about the procedure of checking available balance in an account. Not just that, you can also check the claim and UAN status easily with step by step instructions.

To begin with, there are some imperative details that much be entered on official website of Employee Provident Fund Organization. Without these details, you can login to members’ portal and check the balance. Here are these details:

  • Member’s provident fund account number
  • City’s applicable EPFO office
  • Member’s full name as mentioned in salary slip
  • Mobile number

Once you have aforementioned details, you can follow the steps provided below to have a check on current balance of your PF account:


Head over to this link which is the official website of EPFO where anyone with PF account can check the available current balance. You can either click on it, or type it in your browser.

On this opened page you can see a link for PF balance at the bottom section, right? Click on it, proceed and you will have a new page opened to show member’s balance details.

Now on this new page you have to select the PF office’s state from the available options in the drop down menu. For example if you are from Gujarat, then select it as your state.

Once state is selected, it will present EPFO office list, from which you can select your applicable office by clicking on it.


Now you will be provided a form in which you can fill in EPF account number, mobile number and full name details. Mostly EPF account number starts with state and city abbreviation and ends up with a unique number. For instance it can be like this: RJ/JPR/XXXXXXX/XXX/XXXXXXX. For those with no 3 digit in the middle of the account number, they can leave that section empty and fill rest of the number.

In case you are not aware of local EPF office, you can easily figure it put with the account number. For instance, the first two letter of an EPF account is the code for state, and the next 3 letters represents the office region.

Once you have filled in all the details, now click on submit button and proceed. Within few moments as form is submitted with details, you will sent an SMS to your mentioned mobile number by the system with account balance details.

Make sure you check the ‘I Agree’ box before you press the submit button, otherwise it may show an error and reject your submission. So, this is how EPF balance is checked online.

Checking PF Balance by SMS

EPFO did a major overhaul in 2015 when it launched a service to check balance amount in PF account by using SMS, Missed Call and Mobile Application. These additional options have made life easier for millions of PF account holders in India because it is more convenient to use if you don’t have internet access.


However, one should understand that these additional balance checking options are provided only to those members who have activated their UAN number. Also, if you are interested in enquiring EPF balance status by SMS method, then you should use UAN registered mobile number otherwise it will not work.

To use SMS service send this message EPFOHO UAN from your mobile number to 773 8299 899. Make sure the mobile number you are using to send the SMS is UAN registered. As soon as message is delivered on aforementioned number of EPFO, you will be delivered a return SMS with all the balance related information such as members details, total PF balance, last contribution, etc.

Good thing about this service is that people who don’t speak or understand english can also choose other languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, and others. For this you just have to change the language code in the message you will be sending. For instance if you need balance details in Hindi, change the SMS language code to by replacing .

Checking Balance With Missed Call Option

EPFO has been working to improve its services and the newest addition to that is missed call function for users to check balance amount. This is particularly a good option for members who do not have internet on their mobile phone. You don’t even have to send an SMS message, all you need to do is to just dial the number provided below to give a missed call. After missed call you will be provided PF balance details immediately.

EPF Balance Missed Call Number Is: 011-22901406

Please make sure that you have to give missed call from the mobile number that you have have used for registration of UAN. As soon as you dial and give missed call, EPFO server will send you an SMS that will contain EPF account related information and balance amount as well.

EPFO Mobile App To Check Balance

The latest service provided by EPFO to check your account balance is the mobile application. You can use your android smartphone to download the application and use it easily whenever you want to check balance status. It is absolutely free to download but your mobile should be running on Android version 4.0 and up or else it would not work.

EPF mobile app is a wonderful addition by the organization because it enables you to use several facilities on your mobile. It is very easy to activate your UAN account in the app itself. You can also get details of monthly PF amount credit in your account. The application is also extremely useful for pensioners because checking pension disbursement with the app is also possible. Having said that, the app is quite useful for employers as well because checking remittance details in the app is now made possible by EPFO.

Using UAN Number To Check Balance

Those who already have UAN number also have the benefit of checking their account balance by using the UAN number at the official website of employee provident fund organization. UAN stands for universal account number. The online portal of the EPFO is a great initiative and it provides a unique UAN number to each account holding member to make it easier and convenient to check all the details such as balance, status, etc.

Biggest advantage of UAN number for members is that it does not change when you change your job to join a new company. It remains the same and carries over to new employer. Below is the page url you can visit to access the UAN member page of EPFO.

Those members who have already activated the UAN based registration facility, they can simply enter the UAN Number and password to access the members’ account area.

If you are not registered, then please proceed to ‘Activate your UAN based Registration’ that you can find at the bottom of the page to register your account.

  1. First step is to check the option that says ‘I have read and understood the instructions’ to abide by the rules and regulations of members area.
  2. Now you have to enter your UAN number and the mobile number you would like to use and link with the account for future use.
  3. Next step is to select the state where you currently live and work and then select the EPFO office of the state provided in the dropdown list.
  4. You also have to provide your member ID in other related field and then click on ‘Get PIN’ button to proceed to next step.
  5. Once the mobile number, UAN Number and Member ID is entered to obtain the PIN, there will be a PIN number delivered on your mobile number.
  6. Submit the received PIN number to complete the UAN activation procedure.
  7. Once the activation and verification process is completed, you will be asked to create a login ID and password to access the member’s account area.

That completes the registration and activation procedure at the EPFO member’s portal. Now whenever you want to check the EPFO balance, simply use the UAN Number, Login ID and Password and you will find all the account related information there.

If you are wondering where can you find the UAN Number, you can ask your employer (company) to provide your the number and then use to activate the registration.

How To Download EPF Passbook Using UAN

Majority of members prefer having access to EPF passbook because it gives them monthly PF amount contribution details with ease. For this you just have to activate your UAN and you will be able to download the EPF Passbook. It is the most easiest and convenient way to check PF balance and it also displays data of your and your employer’s contribution. Please note that final balance amount is updated monthly in the passbook.

Downloading EPFO Passbook Without UAN

Those who have still not activated their UAN, they can still get their passbook downloaded to check balance information. Please follow the steps provided below to download it from EPFO member portal:

  1. Head over to your mobile phone or computer’s web browser and visit which is the official member’s portal of EPFO.
  2. There you can register yourself for an account using the document number.
  3. To begin the registeration procedure, click on the tab for ‘Click here to register’.
  4. For registration a member is allowed to use any identity verification document number such as PAN Number, Aadhaar Card Number, Ration Card Number, Passport Number, Bank Account Number, Voter ID Number, or Driving Licence Number.
  5. Which document you want to use for authentication can be selected from the drop down list.
  6. Now you can enter your name, email address, mobile number, document number and date of birth.
  7. Enter the captcha verification code and click on ‘Get PIN’ button. Now you will be delivered a verification PIN number on your mobile phone.
  8. Once you have the PIN delivered on your mobile, enter it and complete the activation of your account registration.

You can now login at member portal using the document number and mobile number. In the members’ account area you can view your EPF account balance as well download the passbook. Those who have multiple PF accounts, details of all those accounts can be viewed here as well. At your provided mobile number you will be delivered update SMS whenever the passbook us updated and available for download.

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